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I only wish I was joking here.

This CBS Sunday morning story sheds a little light on the whole high-end nursery school scene in New York.

Like any parent I’d like my kids to go to a good college too, but 30K a year for private elementary school?

I’m guessing that if you can afford that then you’re not visiting this site anyway.

Do kids who were spanked growing up have lower IQs?

Time magazine has an article on just that.

I was spanked growing up and I don’t think it affected me at al…..oh, something shiny.

Confessions Of A Homeschooler

Posted by administrator under Child Development posted an article today extolling the virtues of homeschooling.

FTA: Call us crackpots, but our kids spend their days at beaches and museums, not in school

This is the first in a series, but I won’t be posting separate links for each.

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